Earnings Whispers

Earnings Research
Earnings Whispers is, first and foremost, a research firm that focuses on gathering the most accurate earnings expectations for upcoming earnings releases. We were founded in 1998 in direct response to poor and inaccurate earnings information being promulgated by some as a “whisper number”. Most of these numbers were in contrast to well-known expectations of investment professionals and, thus, Earnings Whispers was launched to gather these professional earnings expectations.

Since then, we have published 97,270 Earnings Whisper ® numbers gathered from 11,512 professional buy and sell-side analysts. Over the past 21 years, the Earnings Whisper number has been the most accurate published expectation 71.5% of the time.

For this reason, Earnings Whispers has been the go-to source for earnings expectations by hedge funds and other asset managers, brokers, individual investors, and traders for 21 years.



Since 1984, DTN has set the standard for providing streaming data services and trading solutions that accurately cover the Agricultural, Energy and Financial marketplace. DTN is a proven industry leader in the delivery of data feeds, high end analytical software, streaming quote services and customized web content. We bring together time sensitive quotes on equities, options, futures, commodities and fixed income securities, real-time news wires, historical data and more.



We provide instant access to over 57 years of daily data, over 21 years of top-quality, minute-by-minute intraday data and over 10 years of tick-by-tick (including bid/ask) historical market data for Stocks, ETFs, Futures, Forex and Indexes.



For over a decade, Pi Trading has been a leading provider of research-quality, historical intraday data and custom financial solutions. Whether you are a professional trader, an academic university, a corporate institution, or an individual investor, Pi Trading can meet your needs.



Our goal at Tiingo is to bring top quality data to all. We’re former quantitative traders who understand the importance of good, clean data. We’ve built our own network connectivity infrastructure right at the exchange data center, crawler farms using NLP we’ve been studying for over a decade, and API so you can get better structured, faster, and more accurate data.
For some of our data sources, we come across vendors who pass our rigorous test. We speak with them, learn their process, and then run our own checks. When possible, we combine them with different vendors that cover the same dataset, and then cross-reference them automatically to ensure they stay accurate.



Intrinio offers an ever-growing list of data feeds to power your ideas. Our pricing is friendly to individuals, developers, and startups. In many cases, you can start for free today. When you sign up for an Intrinio account, you gain access to a wealth of financial data at revolutionary prices. Your new account comes with free access to our standard Company Financials data feed. Our data can be accessed through a REST Web API, Excel, and CSV Download.